Kylie Tyrrell has been running her company, Floorplan Dimensions, since she opened for business in 1998.

A broadly experienced, highly skilled professional, Kylie's focus is on providing the full range of Floorplan services required in the real estate sector across residential, commercial and rental spheres.

Each plan produced by Kylie and her dedicated team reflects a commitment to quality and accuracy that is without parallel in the Melbourne and Australian market.

Kylie prides herself on her work being Australian made, FPD does not outsource any work overseas.

Floorplan Dimensions has an impressive client list and enjoys an enormous reputation for speed, service and success.

Our track record has been complied by providing exactly the skills our clients need in a manner that compliments their overall sales strategies and fits in with their corporate profiles.

For more information on the ways in which we could enhance your Floorplan process, please contact us today.

  • Consultation with vendors and agents means plans can be specifically tailored to the profile of particular properties or marketing campaigns
  • 24 hour turnaround illustrates an understanding of the need for efficiency, when deadlines are tight FPD can be relied upon
  • Convenient on-line ordering ensures a prompt response to orders at all times
  • Web-site up-loading and storage of plans guarantees stress-free delivery and retrieval of content whenever required
  • All of our work is produced in Australia